UK Timber Sizes

UK Timber Sizes

Most Independent Timber Merchants in the Uk will offer a range of both Sawn and Planed Timber. Care needs to be taken in understanding the sizes stated, some are stated in ‘sawn’ sizes and others in ‘finished’ (ie planed). Below is a guide that should prove useful for those of you looking to buy Timber but are not fully conversant with Timber sizes.

Sawn Timber

Usually refers to Sawn Carcassing that is ordinarily used for building and construction, ie joists, beams etc. Traditionally this material was sold in sawn sizes such as 4” x 2” or 47mm x 100mm, now days the Uk market is used to offering this material ‘regularised’, ie it has smooth planed eased edges making it easier to work with and these sizes are slightly under the sawn sizes as the table below indicates. Regularised Timber can be purchased both untreated and treated, also in C16 and C24 structural grade. Sold in lengths 2.4m – 6.0m in increments of 300mm.

Sawn Size

Regularised Size / Finished Size

47mm x 50mm

45mm x 45mm

47mm x 75mm

45mm x 70mm

47mm x 100mm

45mm x 95mm

47mm x 125mm

45mm x 120mm

47mm x 150mm

45mm x 145mm

47mm x 175mm

45mm x 170mm

47mm x 200mm

45mm x 195mm

47mm x 225mm

45mm x 220mm



75mm x 75mm

70mm x 70mm

75mm x 100mm

70mm x 95mm

75mm x 150mm

70mm x 145mm

75mm x 175mm

70mm x 170mm

75mm x 200mm

70mm x 195mm

75mm x 225mm

70mm x 220mm


Planed Timber

Also known or referred to by Timber Merchants as PAR (Planed all round) and PSE (Planed square edge). Ordinarily this type of timber is used for second fix, joinery, shelving etc and is far superior to construction and building timber. Machined from Scandinavian Vth or Unsorted Pine Redwood and ordinarily sold in lengths of 1.8m – 5.4m.

Sawn Size

Planed / Finished Size

16mm x 25mm

12mm x 20mm

16mm x 38mm

12mm x 34mm

16mm x 75mm

12mm x 70mm

16mm x 100mm

12mm x 95mm



19mm x 50mm

14mm x 45mm

19mm x 75mm

14mm x 70mm

19mm x 100mm

14mm x 95mm

19mm x 150mm

14mm x 145mm



25mm x 25mm

20mm x 20mm

25mm x 50mm

20mm x 45mm

25mm x 75mm

20mm x 70mm

25mm x 100mm

20mm x 95mm

25mm x 125mm

20mm x 125mm

25mm x 150mm

20mm x 145mm

25mm x 175mm

20mm x 170mm

25mm x 200mm

20mm x 195mm

25mm x 225mm

20mm x 220mm



50mm x 50mm

45mm x 45mm

50mm x 75mm

45mm x 70mm

50mm x 100mm

45mm x 95mm

50mm x 150mm

45mm x 145mm

50mm x 175mm

45mm x 170mm

50mm x 200mm

45mm x 195mm



75mm x 75mm

70mm x 70mm

75mm x 100mm

70mm x 95mm



100mm x 100mm

95mm x 95mm

The above list is not exhaustive, it is generaly reflect standard stock sizes that most Merchants would expect to offer, in addition many Merchants will also offer a range of Ex 32mm and Ex 38mm Planed stock. Those with their own maching facilities such as TimberClick London will also be able to machine to your specific requirement.