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  • Annular Ring Nails

An annular ring has a thread on the shank for extra withdrawal resistance.  Often used in the making of pallets or fastening flooring sheets,  Can be used for fastening MDF and plywood.  Best used where it is unlikely the nail will have to be removed at a later date.

The stainless steel annular ring nails are particularly ideal for fixing cedar shingles.

Price is per unit.

Annular Ring Nails

  • Product Code: FORANNRINGNAIL
  • Availability: In Stock
  • £4.32

  • Ex Tax: £3.60

Available Options

Qty Image Annular Ring Nails Price
Annular Ring Bright 2.65mm x 65mm 2.5Kg Appx Qty 850 £11.76
Annular Ring Bright 2.65mm x 65mm 500g Appx Qty 170 £4.32
Annular Ring Bright 2.65mm x 50mm 2.5Kg Appx Qty 1100 £12.36
Annular Ring Bright 2.65mm x 50mm 500g Appx Qty 220 £4.32
Annular Ring Bright 2mm x 20mm 500g Appx Qty 995 £5.04
Annular Ring Stainless Steel 1.8mm x 31mm 1Kg £22.80
Annular Ring Stainless Steel 3.35mm x 30mm 1Kg £22.80
Annular Ring Clout Stainless Steel 50mm 1Kg Appx Qty 410 £22.80

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