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Choosing the right sleepers

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Which sleeper type suits your project best. We explain the differences between the various options regarding timber sleepers.

Whether you are selecting between reclaimed weathered and treated railway sleepers Timberclick is on hand to give you advice at all points of the decision making process, including what tools and fixings are best suited to the project you are undertaking.

Softwood sleepers come in different colours because of the different treatments used to create those colours. 

Generally speaking Softwood sleepers are easier to cut, cheaper and lighter, making it easier to move.

Hardwood sleepers, such as the New Oak Sleepers, are stronger, longer lasting, more difficult to cut because it is a denser wood.

Most sleepers should last a very long time especially if the sleepers are regularly treated and maintained. Remember that if you do cut your sleepers it is important to treat the newly exposed area. Various treatments and oils can be found in our Wood Care & DIY Section

Reclaimed sleepers are old treated railway sleepers that were designed for exceptional long life and hard treatment as such many still retain the unpleasant tar like treatment used to ensure longevity, which is why special arrangements have to be made when delivering.

Contact us 020 3131 2052 to discuss your project. We have timber experts on hand who are ready to give you experienced advice.

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